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Kind of strip of scrolling in film:
1.Organ Boundary Determination
2.Localization of hepatic cirrhosis area
3. Relief image cutouts for detection of deviations
4. Measurement of organs
5. Kidney background area enclosing line
6. Example of renal scan
7. Testing Organ Boundary Determination methods with test model
8.Skeleton. Detection of scapula metastasis
9. Digitization of deviation rate based on maximum values
10. Digitization of deviation rate based on selected areas

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Victor Voronkov
Vladimir Bessonov
Sergey Kuzin
Anton Serokhvostov
Michael Sokolov
Oleg Voronkov
Elena Kuznetsova
Marina Dribinskaya
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Firmware solution improves reliability of analog gamma cameras

Many analog gamma cameras in Russia are rather long-used equipment. With time there is a growing risk of their failure due to the faults in firmware which may be caused by the damaged outdated equipment.

The reliability of software and hardware may be significantly increased by replacing the unique data boards which process signals fed from gamma cameras, by analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), such as E20-10 or similar, with USB connection to computer

Signals from the ADC are then processed by the handler program and recorded on the hard disc for further processing. This solution helps to minimize the risk of failure and makes Nuclear Medicine Departments sustainable

Старая плата АЦП E20-10
Outdated data boards are replaced by E20-10 ADC
Бессонов В.А.

Selection of equipment, programming: Vladimir Bessonov:

ADC output signal processing algorithm: Victor Voronkov, Vladimir Bessonov


Data Processing Program improves accuracy and makes work easy and convenient

Data processing program was developed from zero to meet the requirements of professionals from Nuclear Medicine Study Department in Kaliningrad Regional Hospital. The development was drawn upon wide experience in software development.

The program significantly improves image resolution providing higher fidelity with better visualization of abnormalities; it offers data processing methods that provide up to 30% improvement in accuracy; it also allows producing and editing Medical Report during processing.
See how it works in Program Overview

Programming: Victor Voronkov

Recommended 1920x1200 widescreen Optiquest Monitor provides excellent display of the processed data from gamma camera and full-scale final Report
Старый монитор
The program may also operate with other commonly used monitors
Демо рельеф
Program Overview
Ink-jet printer. High quality report printout

Laser printer. Ordinary quality report printout.