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Moving from analog gamma cameras to their more advanced digital successors requires considerable investment which is not often a very fast solution.

Time and again specialists all over the word make efforts to improve and streamline analog gamma cameras, but not always does this bring the desired success.

Finally Nuclear Medicine Study Department in Kaliningrad Regional Hospital has seen the commissioning (AND THIS ONLY TOOK SEVERAL MINUTES!) of new hardware and software system, which has now been in trouble-free operation since February 13, 2009.
For three years had their gamma camera been out of use with any efforts to bring it back to life coming to nothing. They were not able to find any software engineers to restore their system. No company at the market could solve their problems.
With unreliable performance of their second gamma camera the Department was really at the razor-edge.

The solution which should be useful for many other gamma camera users was that the camera hardware connecting it to computer was replaced, and totally new data processing program was developed.

The software product was developed as tailor-made solution to meet all requirements of the customer, not however copying their predecessor software. This made it possible to dispose of unnecessary worthless stuff that has been accumulated over a long period of time. Software became much easier in operation whereas the improved methods noticeably enhanced quality of data processing.

Those who already moved to digital gamma cameras will also find this software useful, as its new features and opportunities should soon become a new standard of gamma camera data processing.

To discuss really tangible outcomes of this solution you are free to contact Mr. S. Kuzin, Head of Nuclear Medicine Study Department by tel. +7 906 219 93 93

You may order your software and hardware at price from 300,000.00 RUR.

Contact us to get more information according to your requirements and specific data processing methods. You will be offered your solution quickly and in most efficient way – in the same way it was done for Kaliningrad Regional Hospital.

No payment is requested until full software package has been developed according to your requirements which you can also receive on-line, which means no extra costs.

After payment you will have your hardware and software installed at your place by our qualified specialist.

With this software its maintenance can be easily done through the Internet; however a personal meeting will be arranged any time at your place of installation if necessary.

Phone on +7 921 854 5894 or email to vv-2000@list.ru for more information.

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